Art direction and book design
The book can be read on screens, and printed. For print, the navigation panel at left crops off, leaving a standard page size. The workflow is InDesign to Adobe Publish Online.

The main character, Aneta Kowalski wins a reading contest. In this scene, the mayor asks for her help to create a Reading Town Festival. By following her steps, the reader learns how to accomplish it.

A charming concept
As soon as I saw the manuscript, I knew we would need just the right illustrator. My search led me to Linda Hendry who brought the characters and settings to life.
Step-by-step instructions
The book includes practical advice presented as excerpts from Aneta’s notebooks. I composed them using stock illustrations.
Mood board
In the early stages of the project, the mood board presented the visual strategy to the client. Later, it guided the choices of the illustrator.
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