The name works in English and French.
Tandemni = tandem + indemnity
Tandem → one following or behind the other
Le tandem → la paire, le couple, le deux
Indemnity → protection or security against loss
Indemnity → indemnité
In tandem → en tandem
The Logo combines two pie charts to suggest the wheels of a bicycle.

Defining use qualities helps move the project in relevant directions.

Mobile app
Visual design
A well-designed interface increases trust in the brand by offering consistently positive experiences.
The goal is to engage users by showing what the task is and how to get it done. Using design principles like size, colour, contrast, and whitespace can make steps more obvious.
Sketching the core part of the flow to show the user’s path through the steps for making a claim.
Task mapping
Analyzing the tasks needed to achieve goals. Understanding the overall number of tasks and subtasks,
their order, hierarchy, and complexity.
For couples, attitudes about money can colour conversations about shared assets. Surveys about money can surface insights about spending and savings styles.
People think about money differently, but there are shared tendencies based on personality traits.

Targeted personality types
Money is part of a system to master, or a puzzle to solve.
They save money to feel secure rather than to feel rich.
They see money as energy, or a gift to give and to receive.
They spend carefully, while investing and saving wisely.
They might look at money as a way of keeping score. Where others see risk, they see opportunity.
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