Core designs
New graphic library
Start with a simple shape. It can be rounded, or not.
Add the triangle motif, or not. The triangle motif can pair different colours. It doesn't have to be black and white.

Jobs to do
• Differentiate one offering from another.
• Strive to give people a rich experience that makes them feel elevated — as a visit to a beautiful building or an exhibition of art can do.

Unity versus variety
• Avoid too much repetition (variety)
• Recognizable as members of the set (unity)
We'll get the mix right through experimentation.

Starting with simple animations, how might these evolve into something 3-dimensional or even immersive?

While avoiding the tyranny of words, what stories can be told through movement and other means?
Iteration 3 — graphics designed by Sally Hewson
Iteration 2 — graphics designed by Sally Hewson
Iteration 1 — graphics designed by Sally Hewson
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